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Bushnell Way Elementary School 

Bushnell Way Elementary is a public, neighborhood school serving about 200 students in the Hermon Community, just North East of Downtown Los Angeles. We provide quality education within a nurturing environment in a grades Prek -5 program as well as in Dual Spanish K-5.  In addition to focusing on high academic standards, students learn compassion and respect for diversity. Students focus on leadership and developing their purpose.



All children will benefit from a safe and challenging educational environment with a climate of high expectations to achieve their highest potential in a democratic society.  In order to achieve this vision, we have established the following goals:

  • All children will develop leadership skills to meet their goals and contribute to their school community.
  • All children will develop cultural awareness by understanding important contributions of all people. They will demonstrate tolerance, respect, and appreciation for people of different perspectives.
  • All children, identified as English Language Learners, will receive appropriate English language instruction.
  • All children, identified as having special needs, will be given the opportunity to succeed by receiving all the resources available at school.
  • All children are expected to: lead themselves, respect others, and respect their school.